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We have thirty-three of those in China.

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Behold! The Shaman Fight '06!

For years, it has been held in speculation that Shamans may not be as exempt to Darwinism as some *coughHaocough* would like to believe. The fantastic and very scientific creators of TheChuuninExam and Nakama_Rating would like to inform you that statistics prove, that this is, in fact, not so. This community is designed to select the best of the best of the shaman-type. Or maybe just to tell you which character you are. Either way, we have science on our side. Believe it.

We have thirty-three of these communities in China. Which makes us the masters. Booyah.


1. STAY ACTIVE. This cannot be stressed enough. If you don’t vote on people, how can we keep the community moving?
2. Type legibly, please. N0 tYpNG d15 w4y kthnx.
3. No bashing characters. Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean he’s not someone else’s favorite char.
4. Keep cursing within reason, please. We’re all pirates here, but still, you don’t need to make every other word a swear.
5. Place your application behind a cut. Not everyone enjoys having long surveys splashed across their LJ. [Click here to find out how]
6. To be certain that you’ve actually read the rules, please put “Hoe your potatoes, sister!” as the lj-cut for your application.
7. No snobby elitists in this joint. Maybe you know more about Shaman King than us. Maybe you know less. In actuality, it doesn’t make a difference at all.
8. Keep your petty arguing to a minimum. Nobody cares about petty disputes you have with someone. Do that on your own journal. And remember: Winning an argument on the internet proves nothing whatsoever in the real world.
9. You must have at least five votes to get stamped.
10. One account per member. (Ex. You can't be joined with more than one journal at a time)
11. Please bold your character Vote, mods dislike trekking through words to have to find the vote, makes mods frown like this: =(
12. You may vote on other members as soon as you have at least one vote yourself.
13. If you are in a disagreement with the character you have been stamped as, you may post your application again, however you may only re-post it after 7 more members have joined. Your limit for re-posting applications is 3. In other words: Your application will not be posted more than 3. 3 is the number of limit, and the limit is 3...
14. Because it's really obvious what we require by just looking at the rating community's main page, I've decided to make it double clear that you're not a jackass who skipped the rules completely. When we ask "What gender is Opacho?" put "sheep gender" somewhere in your answer.
15. Copy and paste the application. Do not alter the coding. Nobody wants to read all bold, nor do they want to read all plain. It's a well-known fact that this can cause not only bleeding from the eyes, but cancer in the ass and AIDS in your naughty bits. In case you're a dumbfuck, please follow this link: [How not to be a dumbfuck]
16. Try not to use short answers. The longer your answer, the better feel for your personality we get.
33. We are the masters. We are ALWAYS the masters. (This has nothing to do with your application, we just are. Except when Ren is around. >_>)



Email: vixenmavrick12@yahoo.com
AIM: DukeTheDuchess
Email: maniachomicidal@msn.com
AIM: RebeccasaidNO

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